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Beautiful, Volatile, November

I hope, if you are reading this, you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here, it was spent with friends having dinner. Then, I got to watch the AKC dog show televised later that afternoon. I love to watch that. The great bloodhound won best of show this year, and he was a real heart stealer. Such a beauty and such personality.

November has given us a little bit of everything, with one of the earliest snows for years, then some super warm days, rain and cold, and these have all happened in quick succession, up and down like a rollercoaster!

Today, it will be nearly 70.  It will be a good day to hang Christmas lights outside, go for a long walk (which I have done) and get in other outdoor activities. Do it today, because tomorrow will bring a cold front and lots of changes!

I have some new pictures of the farm I took today. I will include a link to them when I get them uploaded.

**Update! Go to the Real Estate tab to view the new photos (they are fall season, recent, and will show up first in the slide show).

Enjoy your holiday weekend, until next time.....

JB was here.

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